The Most Effective and Popular Pimples Acne-inc Treatments

As there are different types of acne-inc and pimples, so there are also many treatments available for them. Depending on the type of acne-inc and pimples you have, there is a treatment that is sure to make them go away. It is also helpful if you consult a dermatologist too, so as you know what Pimples Acne-inc Treatment is the most suitable for your acne-inc and pimples.

There are different ways of treating your acne-inc and pimples. As a home remedy for pimples, make sure that the affected and prone areas are always clean; wash them twice a day with unscented cleansers to remove oil and other impurities. But do not use strong, harsh ones as your face still needs a little amount of oil. Strong ones may cause your facial skin to dry up.

Over-the-counter medication is also an Pimples Acne-inc Treatment. Highly popular are those agents that contain benzoyl peroxide. The compound has an antibacterial effect that can dry out the skin and cause the shedding of surface layer of dead skin. This, in effect, makes it harder for pores to become clogged and prevent it to becoming breeding group for other infection.

The significant effects of the abovementioned Pimples Acne-inc Treatment take weeks, if not months, before they become visible. If you want, you may ask your dermatologist as to how to speed it up.

There are also topical treatments you may opt to turn to as treatment for your acne-inc and pimples. These are the following: azelaic acid, an effective alternative to benzoyl peroxide, minus the skin sore; topical retinoids which are vitamin A-based medication that when rubbed once or twice a day initiates the flaking off of the outer layer of the skin; and topical antibiotic lotion can control the acne-inc and pimples bacteria. The lotion must be continuously used for six months though.

Oral pimple and acne treatments may also be used in treating acne-inc and pimples.

Oral antiobiotics, like tetracycline, can be used for inflammatory acne. They must be applied to the affected area daily for three months but the significant results may be visible only after four to six months. Note, however, that antibiotics do not prevent pores from becoming clogged so treating the acne-inc and pimples may be best used with benzoyl peroxide simultaneous with the antibiotics.

There are also oral contraceptive tablets especially helpful for women who have acne-inc and pimples. Combined pill hormone ethinylestradiol and cyproterone acetate stunts the male horomone activity and so is recommended for use of women.

Another topical acne treatment is isotretinion, which is an oral retinoid that works by drying up sebum secretions. It is usually prescribed to people that have severe forms of acne that have been resistant to other forms of treatments. However, this has side effects like liver disorder and depression. It is advisable not to take isotretinion when you are pregnant as it is dangerous for the baby inside the womb. In fact, this is only prescribed as Pimples Acne-inc Treatment under the supervision of dermatologists.