Summer Skin

Summer is here in earnest and the weather is perfect for going to the beach. After an interminable winter and spring, the time has come again for walking out in the sun and having a blast outdoors. There are parties and trips to the beach and holidays waiting for the individual eager for fun. Care and worry left at home, it’s time to enjoy yourself.

However, if you suffer from acne you may want to take some precautions before hitting the beach. I’m sure that skipping the summertime beach fun is simply out of the question, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be careful about it. Many people think that exposure to the summer sun is good for their skin since it tends to burn off pimples, but prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation is not a good choice. Also, the sun simply burns the topmost layer of the face skin. It does not deal with the true causes of acne and the so-called positive effects are only temporary. This means that pimples will be back as soon as the sebum starts clogging the pores again.

Walking around in hot weather is pretty much guaranteed to make people sweat. Sweat is bad news for acne and people suffering from this condition should refrain from wiping their face frequently. Sweat should be washed away gently with lukewarm water. Another bad news is that exposure to sun and wind tends to dry out the skin. Again, this may seem a good way to prevent the accumulation of excess sebum within the pores, but it’s not that simple. Dry skin tends to crack and lesions heal slower. Exposure to wind is also guaranteed to replace the negative effect of the sebum with the negative effect of wind-borne dust. Pores will still get clogged, just not with sebum.

Another thing you need to be careful about is sunscreens. These lotions and creams may contain oil which is just as bad for the pores as sebum. It would be a poor tradeoff to avoid UV radiation by worsening the acne. Be careful about what type of sunscreen and after beach lotions you buy and stay clear from those rich in oil. And one final advice: watch out for the effect of salty sea water on your skin. Salty water and perfect skin don’t mix well at all. And that’s even before you get to think about sea water not being all that clean.

What can be done to help fight acne in summer? For starters you can take care of your skin, make sure it is clean and free of sebum and dust in the morning and evening. If your lifestyle or job involves a lot of sweating, you may want to be even more careful about your skin. The ClearPores skin cleansing system is the perfect tool for this job. The deep washes use Salicylic Acid and SD Alcohol to keep both the surface of the skin and the pores clean and dry, while the herbal supplements kill bacteria. Finally, the protection cream acts as a shield on your skin and makes sure sebum, grime and bacteria don’t become a threat.