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I'm not so sure about the chocolate thing. I really belive, and I've read in countless publications, that eating chocolate does not cause pimples. In fact, nothing you eat can cause pimples.

Headzoo 13:50 PDT, 28 Jun 2005 (PDT)

I've heard the same Sean. I don't know anything authoritative on it though. --Jack H 14:55 PDT, 28 Jun 2005 (PDT) said:

sex depends upon yhe pimples or not said:

Actually the pimples you get on your face depend A LOT from what you eat, I mean its one of the most important causes of getting pimples, that is if we dont count the kind of skin you have, for example dry skin always has less pimples than oily skin...

Bex said:

It would be more accurate to suggest a balanced diet rather than cuttng out particular foods. said: said:

I am only 12 years old and I dont know how i am breaking out its so irritating

Krystle said:

There's a lot of controversy surrounding the link between diet & acne; I gleaned info from the wikipedia entry to make suggestions in the article and remind the reader to do their homework.

Inline skater said:

Consult your doctor if you should remove stress? Come on, we don't need to talk to our doctor for everything. If I asked my doctor whether or not I should do something whenever it says to to ask them my parents would be poor from all the doctor visits. said:

your make up and diet has NOTHING to do with acne. I say use proactiv said:


Acoording to this web page, acne has everything to do with diet. said:
h said:
ihave acne and i never stress, i eat crap, that's probably the reason i have acne. Oh well, it'll be gone sooner or later. said:
ihave acne and i never stress, i eat crap, that's probably the reason i have acne. Oh well, it'll be gone sooner or later. said:

Your diet has nothing to do with how your face looks, however water does play a small role (since the body needs it to clean the inside of the body). I know, since I've been to a dermatologist.

Acne on your back is fairly easy to get rid of- just wash your back with soap every time you shower. Acne on your face is hard to get rid of, though- it really depends on how oily your hair is, how often you touch it with your hands (once again, oily), and that stuff. said:
Although it was thought that eating junk food gave you acne, numerous studies have shown that this has nothing to do with acne. Whether or not you have acne depends on how well you clean your face, how oily your skin is, and if bad acne runs in your family. e.g., if your parents had bad skin as teens, your skin is probably more acne-prone. said:
i don't think diet has anything to do with causing acne. it depends if your skin is oily or not, how much you clean your face, and what profducts you use. said:
sorry i meant *products.

On 12:43, 25 August 2007

Beefandy said:

After years of suffering from this skin condition I would like to share info how it effected me, and the products I used to finally cure me and hopefully others with the same problem. It all started with blackheads at the age of about 12, as a male of this age it started to bother me but that was just the start. Another year on I had began to flare up with massive red spots with heads on, It knocked my confidence so much that some days I didn't want to go out. At school I tried covering up with make-up which for me was quite embarrassing at times. Years went on and I tried many products such as: Panoxyl, Oxytetracycline, and every over the counter product you can buy with little or no results However I did find that erythromycin antibiotic cream did help from the doctor and had good results for one or two of my friends but the Oxytetracycline tablets had no effect at all. I had also heard that stronger tablets like Accutine from the doctor worked quite well but these required you to have regular tests by your doctor. I found that washes, Clearasil and other products made no difference. I also think that worrying about spots makes them even worse. I got so frustrated that I began surfing the net and I was obviously hit by many pages claiming 'this and that' but the one that unbelievably helped the greatest for me was this site that claimed acne free in a few days, I have included a link to a site here with info about it: http://www.squidoo.com/my-acne I was quite amused by its title acne gone in 3 days at 1st, it didn't actually give results that fast but I was quite impressed by it and with a money back offer I thought why not. I have put some info about one of the ways it starts to help in diet&acne in the right bar. Out of all the treatments ironically it ended up giving me the best results the fastest, I would recommend this program to anyone. I now havn't a single spot and rarely get them at all. It uses diet as the main part of clearing acne

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blue light therapy can prevent acne from appearing as it takes care of the bacteria associated with blemish outbreaks. the new shirt and hat made with blumod material is able to give the skin the sun's blue therapeutic light but blocks UV - making it a great idea for the acne sufferer who likes to spend time outdoors doing sports and leisure activities

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On 02:55, 2 September 2007 said:

i like this.

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On 22:26, 16 September 2007

Alternagirl said:

removing stuff about what you eat. diet has absolutley nothing to do with what you eat. its stupid idiots people trying to scare you into not eating chocolate.

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On 11:16, 25 September 2007 said:

Chocolate may not make acne worse but there are ways you can use your diet to improve acne dramatically, well thats what I found anyway... Theres more about this on: http://www.squidoo.com/my-acne