The 3 Evils When Popping Pimples And How To Solve Them!

We all get the craving...

When you see a unsightely pimple on your face, you most probably get a urge to pick at it. As you know, once you start picking at your pimples...the pimple starts to swell. Why is this?

Well, in lamens terms it's because you are irritating your skin and it then fills up with blood to sooth it. This is what causes the swelling.

There are 3 things you should NEVER do when trying to pop your pimples.

1. Never pop a pimple which hasn't surfaced yet!

It must be very irritating and embarrasing to walk around with a big dot on your face, but's temporary. If you are going to try to pop a pimple while it hasn't completely surfaced yet, you are going to get a scar and those scars are very difficult to get rid off.

Solution - The normal thing to do is wait until it has completely surfaced and then pop it. Most of you don't like at least try to dry out the pimple by mixing warm water and salt and applying the mixture to your pimple and let it sit for a while. Make sure you add alot of salt. You should also add benzoyl peroxide after washing off the salt water.

2. Never pop a pimple with your fingers!

Ever heard of bacteria? It's the little critters that will cause a infection where the pimple is and then cause the pimple to swole even bigger. Even if you have washed your hands, it still might not help since 50% of the backteria on your fingers are located beneath your nails.

Solution - always use anti bacterial face pads or ear buds to pop your pimple. Never touch it with your fingers when popping! After popping...wipe off any liqued or blood with a tissue. Then apply some antiseptic.

3. Avoiding popping or squeezing your pimples at all cost!

Pimples might appear awful, but for God's sake...scars on your face is permanent. A pimple can and should only be picked if the white of the pimple is at the very top of the head. Even if a little white does NOT mean you should pop it. You will know when it's right. The pimple should pop with very little ease and you shouldn't feel any pain.

Remember to keep your hands sterile through the day. You might just touch your pimples during the day and infect them more. Keeping your hands sterile will keep bacteria away from your skin as much as possible.