The Best Natural Acne Treatment

It always seems to happen when you least expect it, although you probably should expect it to happen. It's always right before some big event, a date or a wedding, and there it is, an acne breakout. Some of us have had to deal with acne on an ongoing basis, and it just goes through cycles of being bad and worse. Many of us have had to suffer through the trouble of the teen years with the acne, and most of us have been picked on in one way or another. What most people don't realize is that those of us with an acne problem actually tend to be cleaner than those that don't have the problem because we work on ways to solve the problem. With so many people out there that suffer from acne you would think that a solution would be available, but it seems to elude us. So what is the best natural acne treatment?

You might be surprised at my answer because there is no one single best natural acne treatment out there. There are many things that can cause a person to break out with acne, it could be oily skin, stress, poor diet, not enough water, or a combination of many different things. If you find out what the source of your acne problem is then you will surely be in a better position to treat it. That being said here is something that helped me.

I would soak cotton balls in a solution of vinegar and sea salt (not too much sea salt) and then smear the concoction on my face. The smell isn't all that great, but you will get used to it, especially when you see the results. After leaving the solution dry on my face I would wait about a half hour and then wash it off. This helped dry my skin and get rid of my acne problem.