Vitamins And Nutrients That Can Help Cure Acne

Considered as the biggest organ of the human body, your skin is your first line of defense against external elements such as harmful organisms, heat, pain, and cold. Unfortunately, common skin conditions such as acne can actually make it less effective at fighting off external threats.

Treating acne can take a lot of effort and patience. As for your skin, aside from the inflamed zits and scars, it's also bombarded with synthetic chemicals and potent drugs when undergoing many acne treatments.

Because of this, many health advocates and experts are suggesting that a regular intake of vitamins and other natural nutrients can greatly help in treating and preventing breakouts. Here are some of the vitamins and nutrients that are essential in making your skin healthy and more resistant to damages caused by acne:

  • Vitamin E – Considered as an anti-oxidant, it promotes faster healing in damaged cells and tissues. Because of its anti-oxidative property, it can help delay your skin's aging process by targeting the free radicals, elements that can damage your skin cells.
  • Vitamin A – This vitamin is effective against acne since it can make your skin tissues more resistant to physical damage. Vitamin A can also lessen oil production and has anti-oxidative properties that can speed up your skin's healing process. It also helps your body get rid of harmful toxins, making this ingredient a popular one among dermatologists.
  • Vitamin C – To help fight acne, vitamin C can boost up your immune system, making you less prone to invading bacteria and infections. This is a very popular anti-oxidant because of its crucial role in your body's self-healing ability. When taken with bioflavonoids, this vitamin can become a potent element against acne because of the bioflavonoids' antibiotic property.
  • Vitamin B – All of the nutrients included in the Vitamin B family can help keep your skin healthy. Additionally, vitamin B can also reduce stress and anxiety – factors that can sometimes cause more acne breakouts. In order for your immune system to properly function, vitamin B deficiency should be immediately addressed.
  • Zinc – Important in speeding up your skin's healing process, zinc can help you avoid acne scars and lesions. This element can also regulate your oil glands, making it a perfect nutrient to help treat acne. Just like the other vitamins, zinc, due to its anti-oxidative properties, can also destroy free radicals.
  • Chromium – Chromium helps against skin infections that could be caused by acne. Since this nutrient is not quickly absorbed through food, supplements are advised for those who have chromium deficiency.