Do Sugary Foods Cause Acne?

Do sugary foods cause acne or it just a silly myth with no basis in fact? According to most medical research that has been carried out, acne is not caused by the intake of sugary foods. However, most anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise and today I am here to back up that anecdotal evidence. By the end of this article you'll realize just why sugary foods cause acne and how to change your diet to help clear your skin up.

Heres the main reason why sugary foods cause acne; every time you eat something that has a high concentration of starch or sugar your body develops a high blood sugar level (BSL for short) When your BSL gets too high your brain senses that something is wrong and a message is sent to the pancreas to produce insulin which then acts to lower your BSL. However, because insulin is a hormone, having it in high concentration causes your body's natural hormone balance to be ruined. This leads to other hormones being produced to counter this effect and as some of you may already now, high levels of hormone activity lead to acne.

So now that you know the science behind why sugary foods cause acne, its time to see what you can do to stop it. Firstly, remove all soft drinks, candies/lollies and other sugar laden foods from your diet. Even taking just this simple step will have a massive impact on your skin and will also be good for your body in other ways too! Next, swap potato in your diet for sweet potato where possible. Although it may sound stupid, sweet potato releases sugar over a slower period meaning you do not get such a massive spike of sugar and hormones. Another big step to take is to change white bread for wholemeal bread, preferably with plenty of grains. Not only is brown bread far more nutritious than white bread but it also releases sugar more slowly.

Do sugary foods cause acne? Yes, they most definitely do! Is there anything you can do to help your skin? Yes, of course there is! Cut down on sugar laden snacks and make healthier eating choices and you'll notice a massive improvement in your skin.