Acne Home Remedy - Skin Care Treatment

Acne (Zits, Spots or Pimples) is caused by one or a combination of three things - hormonal Changes, an unbalanced diet or improper skin care. All of these things contribute to Acne depending on your biology. Acne can mean more than just bad skin. It can bring your self-esteem down, leave scars and cause quite a bit of pain. But do you have to put up with it?

10 years ago acne was part of growing up, a right of passage. It was something you had to put up with unless you were lucky enough to avoid it. But now a day’s acne can be avoided due to the amount of products on the market. Shop shelves are lined with treatment products. The Internet is full of herbal treatments and even doctors can supply drugs that help to clear up your skin.

But what works? If like most you’ve tried every product you can get your hands on you will probably be quite frustrated by now. Sometimes your body gives you spots, no matter what you do.

But there are a few simple things you can do that make all the difference. Drinking lots of water helps hydrate your skin so try and drink at least 8 glasses a day. Eating healthily is obvious but it does make all the difference, try and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables not greasy or un-healthy food. Wash your face three times a day. Try not to touch your face or spots. And although direct sun isn’t always good for you a bit of sun is great for clearing up your skin.