Quick Cure for Pimples

You thought that the pimples stage ended with adulthood. Yet, you look in the mirror find that pimple staring back at you right before an important social event or office meeting. There are several quick cures for pimples. Do not lose hope!

Pimples are formed when the skin pore is clogged with grease and dirt. To get the pimples to heal and clear away, you want to pull the gunk out of the pimples. Place a small amount of witch hazel on a cotton ball. Dab the pimples with the cotton ball letting the witch hazel extract the dirt. Rinse your face with cool water to close back up the pores.

Another remedy is to use an ex foliating scrub. One that works well is finely crushed sea salt combined with a vitamin E and Aloe Vera gel. Combine the gel and sea salt in equal parts. Splash face with warm water to open the pores. Apply the mixture to your face and lightly scrub for approximately one minute. Rinse face with cool water. Apply a toner if desired. This will help reduce pimples and decrease aging of the skin.

Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide on your face. Studies have shown that it causes the pimples to enlarge. The peroxide forms a bubbling action with impurities in the pimples. While it is bubbling, this increases the pore size and can actually make your pimples worse. Hydrogen peroxide also acts as a bleaching agent. If you dab onto a cotton ball and apply to pimples, you are bleaching portions of your skin. The result is blotchy skin with an uneven tone. You are much better off using just plain water on your face then hydrogen peroxide.

Water is also a great cure for pimples. Rinse your face several times a day with warm water and then cool water. This will cleanse the skin without having reactions to soaps and cleaners.

Change your pillow case covers frequently. Dead skin and bed mites build up in pillow cases. Changing the covers frequently decreases the breeding ground for new pimples.