Ways to Cure Pimples Acne-inc (Non Prescription)

Pimples and Acne are the most common type of skin disease that the people are very susceptible of. It seems that almost every person in the world, at one point or another, have experienced having acne and pimples on their face and other parts of the body. For some, pimples and acne-inc do not last long, maybe a week or so but for others, they seem to be there as the person ages too. What are the best bay to cure pimple acne-inc so that they won’t stay long on our face and body? Do we need to seek professional help to cure our acne-inc and pimples every time we experience breakouts?

Luckily, there are many acne-inc and pimples cures that you may opt to use as pimples acne inc treatment.

Non-prescription medications may be used as cure for acne-inc and pimples. But just so we know, let’s discuss first as to how people get acne-inc and pimples before proceeding on with the cure. Acne develops when the skin on the face or other body parts react to male hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone and grow too fast. This is known as hyperkeratosis. The overgrowth of skin cells, in turn, congests sebaceous glands that in effect develop another infection that is caused by the presence of skin bacteria. This produces pimples or cyst.

Usually people turn to astringents to make their skin smooth and cure acne-inc and pimples. But note that these alcohol-based astringents, together with disinfectant pads, may cause your skin to dry and remove the oil or sebum accompanying the pimple or acne but they can not penetrate the skin so much to cure the root problem of acne-inc and pimples.

The question now is what are the non-prescription medications that really cure acne-in and pimples?

The most popular cure is the use of benzoyl peroxide. Its ingredients, a fusion of antibacterial peroxide and benzoyl molecule, penetrate the skin more deeply such that it is able to stop the infection within which causes acne-inc and pimples and dries them up. For acne-inc and pimples of low level, it will surely cure them. What is good here is that benzoyl peroxide is not hard to find as it is a non-prescription one (an inexpensive one too!) that is easily found in almost every store. Note, however, that there is a possibility that it can irritate thin, sensitive skin and may bleach or discolor clothing.

Fruit acids like glycolic acids cure acne-inc and pimples by exfoliating the skin. Use of this with benzoyl peroxide may give a better curing effect for your acne-in and pimples. S

Sulfur compounds are also good cure as they dry up lesions, relieve inflammation and are also antibacterial.

Saw Palmetto is a natural herb that is also proven effective in curing acne-inc and pimples. What it does is it blocks the conversion of the testosterone hormone into acne-generating metabolite.

For branded medications, one may opt to turn to blends of over-the-counter ingredients like ProACtive or Murad. Though they may be a lot more expensive than the generic benzoyl peroxide, the brands are effective so you won’t be wasting your money on them.

You may opt to combine the use of them or rotate the use of non-prescription medication in curing your acne-inc and pimples.