Effective Home Remedy for Pimples

Who loves pimples? They just appear on your face just exactly when you need to speak in front of a large number of people. Or they appear when you are on for a pictorial. Or they just pop when you have a big date coming up.

You may have tried numerous ointments, topical creams, medicines, medical procedures and treatments to make your pimples go away. But do you know that there are things in our home that could be used as remedy for your pimples? Yes, it is true. Indeed, some of the best remedy is also the food we eat. Some of which are lemons, tomatoes, garlic, and egg white, witch hazel is good too. Just what do you do with these foods? How do they prove to be effective home remedy for pimples?

For lemons and tomatoes, what you do is you cut them open. Dividing them into a quarter is ideal. Get a piece and rub it onto the area with pimples. There may be residues of the fruit after you rub it but just leave them there even for overnight. And the following day, when you wake up, you’ll notice that the pimples disappear. And if ever they do not, it is guaranteed, though, that they have become smaller in just one overnight.

If ever you had pimples, lemon is good in removing scars left by them. The lemon fruit is a rich source of acid, so what it does to your skin is clearing it of impurities as if you are having an acid peeling at your favorite beauty center.

Juice from garlic is an effective way to get rid of pimples and acne as it kills the bacteria and the pimples will disappear with several applications. Eating fresh garlic is also good for your skin. A piece or two a day is recommended to be eaten.

Egg whites are generally great as face pimples home remedy. What you do is place the egg white on your face resembling that of a mask or place it on top of any affected area of your body and let it stay there for a while. After a few minutes or so, rinse the affected area with warm water.

Witch hazel is a natural astringent. It cleanses just like the way other commercial astringents do. When you apply it on your face, it feels as if you are just washing it up with water, yet at the same time, it removes the impurities of your skin. Washing the pimple-filled skin area with witch hazel two to three times a day is recommended, especially before you go to sleep at night.

And yes. Aside from food home remedies, do you know that the toothpaste we use in brushing our teeth is also good for pimples? Just apply it on top of the pimple-filled area. You may leave it there overnight for effective results and just wash it the following morning. You are have a good day when you see that your pimples are gone in no time.