Pimples Remedy Right at Your Home

pimpleteenager.jpg Pimples start to appear when a person reaches his teenage years. However, it is not exclusive to them as pimples are also visible in adults. Why do people have pimples? They appear on your skin when its pore openings are clogged with sebum or oil. You must take caution of their appearances as these, in turn, may cause blackheads, acnes, and even bumps. Common areas where pimples appear are the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back.

However, you need not worry much as pimple remedies are readily available at your hand. In fact, some of the effective remedies for pimples can be found at home, mostly from the kitchen. Here are some of the pimple remedies:

Fresh garlic is effective in killing the pimple bacteria. Just crush a clove of garlic and rub its juice in the affected area. Eating a piece or two of raw garlic helps too.

Egg white is guaranteed to make your face pimple-free. What you need to do is just place the egg white all over your face such that it will look like you are wearing a mask. Let it dry and leave it there for a while. Then rinse it with warm water. Doing this often, if not everyday, will eventually make the pimples disappear in no time.

Partnering salt with olive oil is also an effective remedy for your pimples. Mix about three tablespoons of salt with four tablespoons of olive oil. You may opt to put it in a washcloth or may just use your finger in applying it to the affected area. The mixture scrubs gently while exfoliating your skin as the olive oil keeps your skin soft too. The salt-olive oil mixture is also best as acne remedy.

Another mixture that is great as a facial scrub is a mixture of honey and cinnamon. Just mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with three tablespoons of honey and this works pretty well as an exfoliant. What is great here is that you may also leave it on your face overnight or even if only for a while yet both gives you a sure remedy for pimples.

Who says toothpaste is just for teeth? Toothpaste may also be used as a remedy for pimples. It may be applied to the affected area and left there overnight. Then, you can just wash it off in the morning. And yes, toothpaste is guaranteed to give effective results in an overnight. Perfect when you want to look pretty and zit-free the following day.

Another overnight pimple remedy is with the use of calamine lotion. Make sure you clean your face with an astringent first before applying calamine lotion to the affected area. After a good night sleep, you can just wash off the lotion in the morning.

Aside from these home remedies, it is also advised to not use bar soaps in cleansing your face. Rather. If you can take a hold of an African black soap, do so as it helps your face get rid of pimples and acne-inc.