How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Pimples do not grow on our face skin in just a blink of an eye but are rather caused by the accumulated oil, dirt and bacteria that thrive on our skin in a period of time.

There are many products and procedures that promise one could get rid of pimples so fast that they say they could make them disappear in a single snap. But are they really the forerunners when it comes to getting rid of pimples fast?

Below is a step-by-step procedure that guarantees to help one get rid of pimples fast.

First, using a mild soap, thoroughly wash your face then rinse it with warm water. After cleansing your face, put on benzoyl peroxide topical cream, to the affected area. It is recommended to use benzoyl peroxide cream with just 2.5-5% solution as anything higher than that could be irritating to your skin, or worse, might add up more skin problem for you. If there is no available benzoyl peroxide, you may use alternatives found at home such as tea tree oil, or witch hazel. You may also apply baking soda paste which is a mixture of baking soda in a little amount of water. After the topical benzoyl peroxide cream is dry, apply a basic face moisturizer. The unscented kind is recommended.

But getting rid of pimples fast requires thorough cleaning of the face too. You have to put on effort in maintaining a healthy skin. On top of the cleaning of your face mentioned above, you can also do a weekly practice. Once a week, put on a kaolin-clay-based mask on your face and let it dry there. As it dries, it pulls away the dirt and impurities of your skin. After which, rinse it with water and exfoliate with a facial scrub. After the exfoliation, rinse it and put on moisturizer as a final cap to the weekly regimen.

If ever you have pimpleson your face, back or even butt pimples, never ever forget that you must not rub alcohol on your pimples, they will sting, dry and irritate your skin. Try as much as possible to not touch them with hands as our hands may be full of invisible bacteria that could give more infection to the pimple. Of course, touching pimple is prohibited, so does popping it. It may lead to further infection.
Other tips to maintain a pimple-free face are as follows:
Make sure you moisturize your face everyday. Do not try to skip it just because you think your face is oily. Regular moisturizing helps in the maintenance of a pimple-free face. If ever you use concealers, use concealers that have a pimple-fighting action that serves as protection for your every day activities too.

Eat garlic and onions too as they are known to improve skin conditions. Taking vitamins regularly helps to keep a clear skin. Not smoking and not taking immuno-suppresants like steroids helps to maintain a pimple-free skin and helps get rid of butt pimples too.

When all else fails, you may also want to visit a dermatologist to guide you on how to get rid of pimples fast.