Get Rid of Blackheads Pimples - The Easy Way

Blackheads and pimples do not only clogged up your skin pores but also do not look well on your face. Below is a guide to help you get rid of blackheads and pimples.
There are many ways by which you can get rid of blackheads and pimples. I am providing a list of different procedures by which you can learn how to get rid of pimples fast with the use of ingredients that are easily found at home.

First stop. Take an egg and break into a bowl. Separate the egg white from the yolk. Dip a cotton wool into the egg white then lay the cotton wool on your nose and let it stay there for a while. Take the cotton wool off and right then and there, you can see your blackheads off your face as they are absorbed and stuck onto the wool. Just don’t forget to wash your face after doing the procedure.

You may also opt to combine the egg white with honey. Just beat an egg white stiff and add a teaspoon of honey into it. Apply it to the face with the aid of a cotton swab. Leave the mixture for half an hour. Finish off by rinsing your face with warm water, and pat it dry.

Note that honey alone is effective in getting rid of blackheads and pimples. Just warm a little honey then put it on the affected area. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes.

Another effective procedure for getting rid of blackheads and pimples is a solution of hot water and boric powder. What you do is put half a tablespoon of boric powder to a half cup of hot water then soak a face napkin to the solution and press to the part of your skin with blackheads and pimples. Repeat this step twice. After which, it is now easier to remove blackheads with a blackhead remover and sterilized cotton wool. After removing the blackheads, put on an astringent.

You may also opt to make a lotion to be applied onto the skin with blackheads. Combine equal parts of lime juice, almond oil and glycerine then apply it on the face. The solution is great in curing blackheads and making the spots on the face go away too.

After trying the abovementioned procedures, you have gotten rid of your blackheads. But how do you maintain it? There are hygienic and beauty practices by which you can keep your face free of blackheads and pimples as well. Here are some of the tips:

Use creams that have AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Fruit acids) as they clear away dead skin cells. It is advisable to use creams with AHA every 3 days or so.

Wash your face with soap but make sure you don’t do it more than twice a day. In turn, wash it often using just plain water.

Also keep your hair away from your face as the hair may be an accomplice in spreading oil and bacteria all over your face.

Getting sunshine or ultra-violet light helps in skin peeling that clears clogged pores so try to catch the sunlight when you have time to do so. Do it in moderation as you do not want to get sun burn after.