Food To Avoid For Clearer Skin

Did you know that what you eat directly affects whether or not you get acne?!

It's true. After many many years of suffering from acne I found this truth out. Some food causes acne. Some don't cause acne. Some fight against acne.

But it took me many years to find out this and apply it to my life so that I would no longer suffer from acne.

So what food causes the worst acne?

Vegetable oil!

This specific type of oil is a common ingredient in modern food. It is found in some sauces like pasta sauce and curry sauces. Not all but some. So check the ingredients label before buying these sauces. Vegetable oil is also found in a lot of junk food like cookies (biscuits) and chips (crisps), not to mention as a cooking oil.

Eliminate vegetable oil from your diet.

But why does vegetable oil cause acne?

It causes homonal imbalance that leads to serious inflammation and results in acne. Vegetable oil is actually the cause of your worst acne, so cutting it out of your diet will get rid of those really nasty cysts.

I personally experienced an amazing clear up after 'quitting' vegetable oil. I suggest you do the same. First, find out as much as you can about it. Find out which foods you eat contain vegetable oil. Find alternatives to ones with vegetable oil in it. And watch as your skin clears up.