What are the best Acne Products?

O2-Zap: Global Healing Center's exclusive formula can be used for any kind of skin condition in order to re-oxygenate tissue topically. Great for facial application. Europeans are now using this as their #1 Anti-Aging secret for oxygen facials. It contains stabilized, ozonated, organic, cold-pressed olive oil from Italy and trace minerals. It is used for; Inactivating viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus, Stimulating the growth of new and healthy skin cells, Speeding up the healing process, cleaning and sterilizing the skin and reducing swelling and inflammation. O2-Zap also reduces pain and calms nerves, improves cellular function and memory, Removes harmful toxins or chemicals and prevents and helps reverse degenerative skin conditions.

Aquaspirit: Aquaspirit oxygenates the blood in the face and skin, which in turn energizes the cells, allowing the cells in the face or skin to regenerate at a faster than normal rate. This process is beneficial to the skin for general skin care maintenance and in helping relieve the symptoms of acne, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, and oily skin, among other skin conditions. Aquaspirit provides circulation-stimulating properties, bio-available oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells of the face and skin. The best acne product available.

Aquaspirit is non-allergenic with no toxic side effects. It is carefully formulated to ensure all natural organic components, free from harmful chemicals and irritants. Aquaspirit's self administered oxygen and nutrient delivery system does not require a physician's prescription. Because everyone's skin regenerates at a different rate, allow at least two weeks before expecting to see outward signs of improvement.

Our unique formula combines European technology with the latest anti-aging and fountain of youth ingredients. Cellular regeneration is the key to a healthy, youthful skin and Aquaspirit provides a way of doing this. This formula helps to maintain the normal elasticity of collagen, upon which the outer layers of skin rest, and encourage the regeneration of new cells.

R- Pur Aloe: Aloe Juice has traditionally been touted as a digestive aid or folk remedy for arthritis, stomach ulcers, diabetes and many other conditions. By using the whole leaf process, R PUR Aloe has combined the virtues of the ancient aloe with modern research and technology to produce the optimum nutritional potency in each formula.