Acne Problems? Be Proactive: Use Proactiv

You are not the only one. In fact, there are approximately sixty million people in America who suffer the same way that you do. However, there are only six million people who opted to do something about acne.

Having doubts to talk to dermatologists is a thing of the past. Now, more people are becoming aware that they should take good care of their skin by referring to experts. And fortunately, there is this new set of skin care system that brings professional service in the privacy of your own homes: The Proactiv Acne Solution.

- How did the product develop to be the number one anti-acne solution?

Two great dermatologists, Doctors Rodan and Fields, spearheaded the development of Proactiv Acne Solution eight years ago. As medical practitioners, they found out about the serious case of acne not just in the teenage years, but in adults too.

- Is it like the other skin care system available in stores?

The first thing needed to be clarified as early as now: Proactiv Solution is not like over-the-counter medicines. Why? In the first place, the Proactiv system is not available in stores, but in infomercials.

Proactiv Acne Solution goes against traditional way of treating acne: curing the acne when it already there without thinking much on how to prevent it from coming back. It also promotes care for the entire face, not just in the spots that have blemishes.

For the two doctors, why wait for all these acne to leave scars when you can actually prevent it from ruining your skin.

- How does the system work?

Proactiv Acne Solution is composed of three processes that can improve the overall health condition of your skin.

1. Proactiv Acne Solution Renewal Cleanser

The first step uses the Proactive Solution Renewing Cleanser, which exfoliates the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. At the same time it cleanses the pores from bacteria and oil.

To use the Renewing cleanser, put a small amount of cleansers in your hand and smooth onto wet face. Gently massage, then rinse. Skin cleansing as easy as that.

This routine can be done twice a day: one in the morning, and before going to bed at night.

More than your hands doing the work, the ingredients in the cleanser ensure maximum effectiveness. The active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, heals pimples fast.

2. Proactiv Acne Solution Revitalizing Toner

After cleansing the face with the Proactiv Acne Solution Renewal Cleanser, the next step is to apply Proactiv Acne Solution Revitalizing Toner.

The alcohol-free solution is applied on the face using cotton pads or balls to unclog pores from unwanted debris that may cause blemishes. And with the botanical nature of the product, it will also even up your skin tone.

3. ProactiveAcne Solution Repairing Lotion

Now that your face is totally clean and oil-free, the application of the repairing lotion will be the last thing that you need to do.

Aside from reducing the existing acne on the face, the repairing lotion also prevents future acne breakouts from happening.

Any precautions before using the product?

Not all people react the same way to Benzoyl Peroxide. There can also be effects of using the Proactive Acne Solution System with other topical medications for acne.

For that reasons, consultations with a dermatologist is advised to get maximum benefits with the product and avoid negative side effects.

Other reminders that must be considered are:

- Sunscreen must be applied when the user will be exposed to sunlight. For that reason, another product may be used with Proactiv Acne Solution system- the Oil-free Moisture with SBF 15.

The product ensures protection of the skin caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun. It also does not clog pores.

- Irritations may occur when the solution is applied to sensitive areas near the eyes and lips.

- The solution is capable of bleaching materials like cloth and hair strands.

It is not impossible to achieve a good and healthy skin because of products like Proactiv Acne Solution. In fact, that should be set as one of the priorities. For at this time, your face says a lot about who you are and how you give importance to yourself.