Straight Answers

What are pimples and why do they occur?

It is a skin condition which appears in the form of eruptions and occurs commonly during adolescence. This condition arises due to excessive oil production by large and overactive glands which also run a risk of spreading the infection.

Apart from the face, pimples may also appear on the neck, back, chest, buttocks and thighs. Pimples are not just a part of growing up, sometimes they persist in adulthood too. This skin condition can be treated effectively.

What is Kaya Pimple-Free procedure and how is it different from other procedures available?

While creams, lotions and oral medicines treat pimples on a superficial basis, Kaya Pimple-Free is a holistic service conforming to US, FDA guidelines.

The treatment is a combination of in-clinic care, home care and lifestyle modifications. The in-clinic care comprises acne peel which is oil soluble and therefore penetrates the oil glands and works directly on them.

The treatment helps reduce oiliness and prevents infection. Home care comprises oral medications, creams and Kaya products along with proper dietary advice, followed by lifestyle modifications.