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Solution for unwanted hair Alps Cosmetic Clinic offers ‘Pulse Light’, the fastest and safest solution for unwanted hair. Unlike laser, which targets one hair follicle at a time, this technology can target an entire patch making the process of hair removal much faster and more effective. Alps Cosmetic Clinic specializes in all aspects to provide health oriented long lasting beauty care so that you can get full guidance under one roof. Barista brews new flavours Keeping with the mood and spirit of the festive season, Barista Coffee Company Ltd., Asia’s largest retailer of fine specialty coffees, unveiled a set of exotic new beverages. With this array of hot and cold coffees spiced with the bold new flavours of orange, chocolate and vanilla, Barista indulges the palate of discerning coffee lovers with these delicious new beverages. Also introduced is a new cold coffee Vanilla Frappe, a delicious blend of vanilla ice cream and rich cold coffee; and a refreshing alternative - Mocha Freeze, frozen milk whisked with rich chocolate. Barista traces its roots back to the old coffee houses in Italy - the hotbeds of poetry, love, music, writing, revolution, and of course, fine coffee. No more pimples To challenge the problem of pimples now there is Acne Magic, a new product of Magical Pharma Ltd., a sister company of the Nature’s Essence, an established brand name in the field of manufacturing aroma based products for the treatment of hair and beauty. Acne Magic is specially formulated and developed for the problems of pimples, acne and black spots. It dries the pus pimples and also takes care of the chronic acne conditions. This formula helps to keep the skin surface clean, oil free and infection free. Acne Magic is a combination of pure herbal extracts with neem, tulsi, turmeric, manjista, etc. In a test conducted in a prestigious laboratory in the country it was found highly effective in treatment of pimples, acne and black spots.