Period Pimples

Do any other women get pimples before their period.Not the normal squeeze and then there gone ones but the big ones that seem to be fiiled with water and dont go for days on end and you end up picking at them and leaving a crater on your face. Anyway its unsligtly and embarrasing anyone got any tips on how to aviod them?

I always without fail, got the warning of my period coming. It doesn't take long for my face to reveal it's hideous down side. But I have found a way to control the amount of pimples I get. First I make sure that in the first show of any lumps, I quickly get a warm washer and leave it on for 5mins. I then get my face cleaner I use and wash over and massage it on. I then get my washer again and warm it up and place on face for further 5mins. Then the next two days I find that they dissapear.

Thanks I'll give your suggestions a try next month.

I get that everytime without fail aswell! A few years ago though, i was on the contraceptive pill Diane 35, i found that really helped. The only reason though that im not still on it is that its quite expensive. That pill though is particularly for acne so i dont know if its that bad for you

Maybe I should go on the pill again,however hubby says it makes me moody and depressed.

If you go back on the pill you body will regulate and your pimples will go away. Down side is the moodyness. My partner thinks I am moody either on it or off it!

yes i get them too! they hurt like hell!

You're not alone I (and many women I know) get them too - sometimes they are so big and painful (under the skin) I feel like I'm growing a second head!! It's a hormonal thing and I don't think there's very much you can do about it unfortunately.

You're right koala, i don't you can help it if it's hormonal : /

Hello I started this thread a while ago ,and since then I have been taking Zinc for my excema on my hands and brittle hair,this has also helped the pimples as I did not have any this cycle. So for anyone else with this problem Zinc may help. My only problem is that I keep forgetting to take it.

I get them too, usually on the chin, I'm 27, too old for pimples! I have recently gone back on the pill (lowest does you can get - microgynon) and it has alleviated the problem a little.

The best thing you can use (and I've tried everything!!!) is tea tree oil. As soon as you feel that painful spot coming up apply some tea tree oil. Do this about 3-4 times a day until it goes away. I often find this stops the pimple from coming up altogether if you get it quickly enough!

I am 31 I get more pimples now due to my period than I did as a teenager!

try benzoyl peroxide either 5% or 10% -start using it say 10 days before period- ask chemist for it. its safe topical antibacterial that kills acne bacteria below the surface.
use it at night on affected areas- eg if chin the spread over chin - you can dab a bit all over.