Stay fresh this summer

It's official! The summer's here, and it's time for Hyderabadis to sweat it out in these hot months. While there are the lucky few who escape the heat by going off to cooler pastures, there are many who have no choice but to battle the hot sun and humidity of the city. So to prevent any problems which can occur with exposure to excessive heat, it is essential to take care of what you eat, drink and wear during the summer.

Here are a few tips on how you can enjoy the summer sans all the perspiration and body odour:

Skin Cleansing:
Wash the face twice a day, with a regular non-moisturising soap or a gel-based face wash.
An astringent or toner should be used once a day on the face.
Avoid moisturisers, unless your facial skin is very dry. If you feel the need for it, use a lotion or a gel based oil-free moisturiser.

Prickly Heat:
Prickly heat can be seen very often in people who perspire excessively.
Some hints to prevent prickly heat:
Avoid going outdoors in the afternoon.
Bathe twice a day with an anti-bacterial soap.
Use lukewarm or cool water for bathing. Avoid hot water baths.
Wear loose cotton clothes.
Dust an anti-fungal powder.

Make it a point to apply a sunscreen.
Tips to choose a sunscreen:
When choosing a sunscreen choose one which blocks both UVA and UVB rays.
Sun protection factor (SPF): The higher the SPF, the greater the protection. Normally an SPF of 15 should be sufficient, but for prolonged outdoor activities choose a higher SPF. Preferably use a gel or a lotion in summer, otherwise your skin will feel sticky.
Re-apply sunscreen after 2-3 hours of exposure.Use a sunscreen even if you travel by car since UVA rays can penetrate glass.

Diet and Skin:
Due to excessive sweating, our skin tends to become dehydrated, therefore it is very essential that we replenish the moisture loss.
Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water, to prevent your skin from getting dehydrated.
Avoid excessive tea and coffee. They act as diuretics and make you lose water.
Include fresh fruits and salads in your daily meal to give you the antioxidants to combat the free radicals produced due to the sun exposure.
Lastly, a word about the king of all fruits- The mango: Many are of the opinion that it gives rise to pimples. Basically pimples become worse in summer due to the heat and humidity. We eat mangoes during the summer, so we blame the poor mangoes. In fact, it's the reverse. Mangoes are a rich source of Beta carotene, and this is very good for the skin.
Due to the excessive heat and humidity, acne or pimples become worse in summer. We eat mangoes during the summer therefore we blame the poor mango for the aggravation of pimples! In fact mangoes and all red fruits and vegetables are rich in Beta carotene (Vitamin A) which is good for the skin? So mangoes will actually improve your pimples!