Secrets to a Great Face

Secrets to a Great Face

To prevent wrinkle, lines, tired, blotchy, sagging skin,
we need to look after the collagen, elastin, fibroblast cells
and the connective tissues of the skin.

Youthful anti-aging wrinkle-free skin can be achieved
and/or maintained easily and inexpensively.
It is worth doing the work now, in order to prevent costly and painful surgery later.
Knowledge is Power!

Nourishing the dermis and epidermis will assist in the elasticity of the skin, and will
so promote an anti-ageing, wrinkle-free ageless skin.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Water is the cheapest cosmetic on the planet.
It hydrates the skin, preserve our skin's elasticity,
pumps up skin cells and improve skin tone and appearance.

Try an experiment: Drink 8 glasses for 5 days.
You won't believe the results, nor will you ever forget your water intake.
I drink a half, sometimes a gallon of distilled water per day, since I was 19 years old.
I just always loved water!
I thank the powers above, for my love of water for it has given me great skin.
If you do nothing else for your skin, Do This!
For more in depth eye opening information, go to:
Wash Your Face & Apply Moisturizers

Never go to bed with your make up on!
Skin needs to "breathe."
It breathes in oxygen and breathes out toxins.
Sleep is when our minds and bodies are rejuvenated.
Your skin needs to be free of products which will block your pores and prevent the skin from
breathing and inevitably cause breakouts.

Think of this...if the skin absorbs ingredients into the blood stream from a patch
(i.e., smoking patches or estrogen patches), then your makeup can be absorbed also!
Wearing makeup to bed one time ages the skin 4 days!

It is the time before bed when you should give special attention to thoroughly cleansing your skin
from the day's dirt, grime and oil build-up and use products which will leave you
with a soft, firm, wrinkle-free, luminous complexion in the morning.

After cleansing, rinse with cold water to close the pores,
bring fresh oxygenated blood up to your face, and to hep your immune system,
then apply a night time cream, that contain no mineral oil, artificial emsulfiers or perfumes
which are rejected by the skin and tend to clog the pores.

For those who have neglected their skin and need repair, to rejuvenate or have acne use
Why retinol and not alpha-hydroxyl components (vegetable and fruit acids) or glycolic acid
which will help your own skin to renew itself, getting rid of dead cells,
diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while it brightens?

Because Retinol does all that, plus tells your T-Cells to produce Elastin & Collagen,
increasing the uniformity of it's pigmentation,
reduces large wrinkles, brown spots, and surface roughness.
Unlike alpha-hydroxyl and glycolic acid which simply exfoliate the surface layer of your skin,
Retinol works deep at the cellular level.
For More info:

Always Wash your face when you get up, apply a moisturizer & sunblock!

People think their face is the floor, and scrub it till there is no skin or natural defenses left.
They use all these abrasive agents on the face,
but the skin is a protective organ and is not meant to be abraded off.
Abrasion makes acne.
Time to drop the deodorant soap and pick up a mild cleanser.

Cleansing your skin and removing dirt,
makeup and other impurities that clog your skin is essential.
You should cleanse your skin at least twice a day with a mild, non-irritating cleanser.
Your cleanser should not strip your skin of its natural oils and it should easily rinse away.
Remember, be gentle with your skin.
Do Not Scrub and Always Dry by Patting Not Rubbing!
Always End with a Cold Rinse!


Moisturizing your skin helps prevent premature wrinkles and fine lines.
Moisturizers rehydrate and replenish your skin's natural radiance,
no matter what condition your skin is in.
Using moisturizers once or twice a day will return your skin's natural, healthy glow.
Your skin will also feel smoother and silkier and look younger.

Next, Apply Sunblock

You may be sick of hearing it, but a broad-spectrum sunscreen is your best anti-aging agent,
according to all dermatologists!
"The daily use of sunscreen prevents further sun damage
and even reduces previous sun damage"
Dr. Seth Matarasso of San Francisco

Don't leave home without it.
A broad-spectrum sunscreen includes both UVA and UVB protection.
Select one with an SPF of 15 or higher that is right for your skin type.
Oily skins can tolerate a gel-based formula and dry skin can benefit from a lotion

I have used a 45 SPF everyday for the last 20 years!
The most important thing in my medicine chest is a sunscreen with micronized zinc oxide
Called Z-cote, zinc oxide blocks as much of the full spectrum of the sun's rays as possible.
Ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide offer the same level of protection:
Both are physical, rather than chemical, sun blocks.

As much as 98 percent of wrinkles are caused by sun exposure, according to the experts.
But sun exposure is actually a misnomer.
Don't be deceived by overcast or rainy weather.
It can cause up to 80 percent of the damage of sunshine.
Suppose you work in an office from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.,
and your only exposure to the elements is a 25-yard saunter to Starbucks?
Yes, even brief bursts of daylight can take their toll on your skin.
Wrinkles don't happen overnight.
According to dermatologists, it can take up to 20 years for a vacation suntan
to carve out its souvenir on your skin.
Choosing an Effective Sunblock
Opt for a Sunblock rather than a sunscreen!
Although some sunscreens provide adequate protection against cancer and sunburn,
they may fail to act as a barrier against the aging effects of the sun.

Choose a broad-spectrum Sunblock that provides protection
against both ultraviolet (UV) B and A rays.
While it's UVB rays that cause cancer, it's the UVA rays that penetrate the skin more deeply,
damaging the elastic fibers that keep the skin taut and resilient.
Check Ingredients
Your sun block should contain either titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or Parsol 1789
(also known as avobenzone).
These ingredients act as an opaque shield between your skin and the aging effects of the sun.
How to Use Sunblock
Ignore "waterproof" claims.
Sun block should be reapplied as soon as your skin becomes wet.
Shelter your skin for 30 minutes after applying Sunblock
by remaining indoors or wearing protective clothing.
Sunblock does not protect you instantaneously.

Never Sun Tan That Face! Consider Self-Tanners

I love looking tan!
And because I use retinol, rinse with cold water and exercise,
I have a rosy complexion.
After moisturizing and applying sunblock, I use foundation for 2 reasons.
To protect my skin from pollution and it gives me the perfect color.

The trick is to find one that's the right color and looks natural ( Revlon's Age Defying).
Foundations should be used to protect your skin not cover it up.
When skin is healthy and beautiful there is no need to cover it up.
Afterwards, I apply a loose powder,
which seals in the good and keeps out the bad,
and leaves my skin looking translucent!

For my Body, I use SUN Self Tanning Lotion!
Why? Because I love looking Tan!

There are several different kinds of sunless-tanning products available today.
People have been able to pour on a tan since 1960,
when Coppertone® came out with the first sunless-tanning product.
If you are old enough to remember this,
then you are probably thinking of the incredibly orange hue this lotion produced.
Unfortunately the cheaper ones still do!

Since then, there have been several advancements made on the sunless-tanning front.
You can smooth, swipe or spray on a light bronze glow or a deep, dark tan.
Many of these products take 45 minutes to one hour to start taking effect, and once you factor in
drying time, you could be looking at about three hours spent achieving that sun-free tan.

The active ingredient in the self-tanners, you want to buy,
is dihydroxyacetone, which reacts with dead skin cells, turning them brown.

After years of researching self tanners,
SUN Laboratories has one of the best on the market.
The cast from Bay Watch use this product because it gives you
a rich dark tan immediately,while keeping your skin hydrated.
It's fabulous!

Sun Laboratories, Inc. has created its four self-tanning products
with botanically extracted ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Panthenol, and Soybean Oil.
They're carefully designed to give you the richest, most luxurious, most natural looking tan
possible...without the harmful effects of the sun.
They also hydrate and protect the skin, and won't clog pores or irritate sensitive areas.
And because their products aren't dye-based,
there's no need to worry about orange or yellow skin or an unpleasant chemical smell.

Every day, millions of dead skin cells are sloughed off or worn away from the surface of your skin.
In fact, every 35 to 45 days, you have an entirely new epidermis.
This is why tans from sunless or self-tanning lotions will gradually fade
as the dead cells are worn away, so is your tan.
For this reason, most of these products suggest that you re-apply the sunless or self-tanner
about every three days to maintain your "tan."
Slough off
Always exfoliate first, by using a body brush or loofah.
This removes dead skin, and insures a more even tan.
Don't even bother using a self-tanner unless you exfoliate first!
Go slowly
Never apply self-tanner in a hurry.
Give yourself time to focus on distribution and make sure you don't skip any spots.
It's also not wise to sweep on self-tanner, then throw your clothes on and rush out the door.
If the formula hasn't sunken in properly, it can rub off.
Not only will you end up with an uneven tan, you may even ruin your clothes.

Face Facts
I personally don't use it on my face, but for those that want a tan face,
make sure your skin is super clean and smooth.
Wash thoroughly and exfoliate, then use a mask to absorb surface oils for best results.
Choose a mild or medium-strength tanner for your face.
You don't want to risk turning too brown.
If the color turns out to be too light, you can always apply a second or third coat.

Keep it up, once you're successfully sporting a base coat,
re-apply your self-tanner every three to four days to prevent the color from fading.

Once a month, stop using it.
Take long hot baths for a week to ten days, exfoliating the dead skin cells.
Then start a fresh!
Every one thinks that I hang out in the sun because I my legs looks so brown.
Little do they know!


Aerobic exercise at least three times a week!
It has been proven to increase capillary capacity and delivery of oxygen to the tissues
which preserves and heals damaged and compromised tissue,
removes waste products such as dead cell fragments etc,
whereupon, the necessary environment for regeneration of the cell tissues takes place.

Bringing in more oxygen, restoring collegians, elasticity, and glandular activities.
It stimulates muscles, relaxes nerves, and restores tissues that are dying.
All tremendously helpful in keeping the skin look more youthful.

Stress is a killer to one's face

The best way to conquer stress is to exercise.
Poor blood circulation and inadequate oxygen have degenerating and aging effects on skin cells.

There are about 16 muscles, a dozen bones and assorted arteries, veins
and blood vessels that help your face do the things it does.
Like muscles in other parts of your body,
your face muscles absorb and store a lot of stress and tension.
Unless you relax those muscles, they get stiff and hard and look strained.
Tense muscles also constrict blood vessels, limiting the flow of blood
and nutrients to your face which are need to create Elastin and Collagen.

In the short term, exercising will have a calming effect.
In the long run, your body becomes more resilient,
giving you higher thresholds for coping with stress.

Exercise brings oxygenated blood with clotting factors (blood platelets) and phagocytic cells to
engulf and digest bacteria at the site of skin wounds and abrasions
and regulate hormones to prevent acne, blemishes and breakouts.
No breakouts, no picking at the skin equals no scaring.

Healthy complexion is the result of a good amount of blood in skin tissue.
When the heart is healthy there will be a rosy, lustrous complexion,
but if the heart is in poor health, the complexion will be dull.
Blood stagnation will result in bluish purple in tinge

I have exercised all my life because it energized and made me feel wonderful,
not to lose weight because I was always super skinny (genetics).

Sometimes, I am to busy (which can be stressful) and can't exercise,
And The First Place I See It Is In My Face And Energy!


Sleep is essential to maintaining good health, period!
It allows us to "recharge" ourselves physically and mentally.
During sleep, the body conserves energy by lowering temperature and metabolism
(the rate at which the body burns energy), giving itself a break from daily activities.

Some researchers also believe that sleep helps reinforce memories,
and that dreaming helps us sort out emotional issues (de-stressing).
Lack of sleep can cause depression, lack of energy and concentration.

Skin replenishes itself more actively
during sleep through renewal at the cellular level.
Most Importantly, it helps the body's cells grow and regenerate,
for that is when your pituitary gland secretes your Human Growth Hormones.

I have found the best product, four naturally combined amino acids
that get your pituitary gland to secrete HGH like when you were a kid!
Our HGH decreases 14% every decade after 25 years of age.
The FDA has approved HGH Replenishers just recently.
Human Growth Hormones are the true "Fountain of Youth".
I believe in the near future, HGH will be taken by all!
Angel Ashley

Researchers have also found that sleep deprivation impairs your immune system's ability
to fight off foreign intruders like viruses and bacteria, hence pimples and acne.

How Much Sleep Do I Need?
Between the seventh and eighth hour is when we get
almost an hour of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the time when HGH is released,
the mind repairs itself, grows new connections and puts it all together.
REM sleep occurs about every 90 minutes,
and the periods of REM sleep get longer as the night progresses.
If you're a six-hour sleeper, you're missing that last,
important opportunity to repair and to prepare for the coming day.

Lack of sleep has recently been linked to the rise in obesity;
sleep loss drives down the growth hormone (HGH)
which controls the body's proportions of fat and muscle, as well as the hormone, leptin.
With lower leptin levels your body will crave carbohydrates even though you've had enough to eat.
(University of Chicago)

Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine that will allow you to unwind
and send a "signal" to your brain that it's time to sleep.
Follow a sleep routine as regularly as possible, even on the weekends.

Don't read, eat, or watch television in bed.
Your bed should be associated with sleep.
If you can't fall asleep after 30 minutes, don't stay in bed tossing and turning.
Get up and do something that relaxes you,
such as listening to soothing music or reading, until you feel sleepy.
Try to clear your mind; don't use bedtime to solve your daily problems.

I listen to affirmation tapes while I fall asleep
to increase my mental fiber, concentration and reinforce my goals.
The only time you can reach your sub-conscious is as you fall asleep.
You can actually re-program your Inner CD as you fall asleep.
Got any problems?
Make up your own tapes to optimize your life!
And Listen to it as you drift into dreamland!

No makeup can match the radiance that comes from a good night's sleep.
Sleep is the most essential and valuable beauty product, and a vital necessity.


Laughing has many benefits!
Promotes great facial muscles, makes happy pills (endorphines), energy & relieves stress!
Laughter is an excellent exercise for your facial muscles.
It tones up the muscles of the face and improves facial expressions.
When you laugh, your face becomes red due to an increase in blood supply,
which nourishes the facial skin and makes it glow.
Laughing people look more cheerful and attractive.
By squeezing the tear glands through laughter,
it moistens the eyes adding a little sparkle to them.
Laughter exercises the abdominal muscles
and helps to improve muscle tone of those with pot bellies.

When you are in the car just start laughing, even if you don't feel like it!
Fake the Laughter if you have to!
Make Faces & Act Stupid!
Then you will know what I mean!
Click here and I guarantee, you'll crack up!

Laughter is also one of the best muscle relaxant.
Laughter expands blood vessels and sends more blood rising to the extremities and other
muscles all over the body.
A good bout of laughter also reduces the levels of stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol.
It can be said to be a form of dynamic meditation or relaxation.
Research has shown that laughing an hour a day can cure depression!

Hands off

Keep those hands off your face!
Your busy hands are a magnet for all kinds of bacteria,
and you don't want to transfer them to your face oils to cause pore clogging and worse, acne.

Beta Carotene

A must for young models!
Prevents blemishes, pimples and acne, by boosting your immune system.
It produces oxygenated blood with clotting factors (blood platelets) and phagocytic cells
to engulf and digest bacteria at the site of skin wounds and abrasions
and regulate hormones to prevent acne, blemishes and breakouts.
It takes up to 30 days before consistent results will appear.
Take two 25,000 units in the morning

And again in the evening.
This is a old model's secret!
Beta also gives a healthy golden glow to the skin.
Another reason why, I always look tan!
And when combined with B Complex 100, it keeps your tan forever!

Did you know Antioxidants including beta carotene may combat more than free radicals?
According to a study published in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine,
your mind and emotions may also reap tremendous benefits.
Researchers conclude that antioxidants may improve mood by preserving essential fatty acids
that affect mood and by increasing the production of certain brain chemicals.

Since beta carotene is non-toxic, it can be extremely useful in all types of skin disorders including
severe acne, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.
Beta-carotene can also offer protection from skin cancer.

Facial Exercises

Face exercises are a natural approach to reshaping your face,
by strengthening and developing the facial muscles.
You can accentuate or develop cheeks, lips, the eye area, and chin.
By working out the facial muscles underneath the skin, you tone
and tighten up the underlying structure of your face and bring in oxygenated blood.

We have 57 facial muscles, but we rarely work most of them.
As you age, muscles flatten and elongate with lack of use
and the pull of gravity, which results in sagging skin.
As time passes, the bone, muscle, and fat under the facial skin diminish,
while at the same time your skin is losing it's elasticity.

You could have plastic surgery but it will go, if the underlying structure is not fortified.

I wish, I had known about facial exercises when I was young
for I believe, one would never need surgery!
I find doing that these exercises exilerate me!
Whenever I have a special event, I exercise my face which stimulates Me!
Next month, I will posted a Total Face Workout!
So, do The Work above,
and join me for a free facial routine next month!
Have FUN While Getting Gorgeous!