Be polite but get your point across

i'm a 16-year old college guy. i’m thin and tall. i’d like to know what kind of formals and casuals i should wear so i look attractive and enthusiastic?
d rajasekhar the trend today is casual chic. for a young guy, you should not worry about formal dressing unless you are working. wear clothes that are well fitted - not too tight, not too loose. wear light summery colours in the day and darker colours at night.
i am 18-years old, 180cm tall, well built but my face is relatively small in proportion to my body, so it looks a bit odd. can you tell me what i can do to make my face look bigger?
prakash mishra since you have a relatively small face in proportion to your body, try a hairstyle which gives you more volume, no govinda no. 1 cuts for you. try to aim for a body which is lean and well toned, more than bulky and muscular, as that would tend to make your head look smaller.
i'm 17-years old and for the past two years i have pimples. now the pimples are becoming ve ry big and i feel uncomfortable attending functions or meeting with my friends. i am suffering a lot-please solve my problem.
pradeep having pimples can be very traumatic for anyone but don’t stress out too much over it, because that would lead to more problems. first, try and change your diet - eat lots of fruits and vegetables for roughage and drink plenty of water. cleanse your system of all toxins. wash and cleanse your face with a mild medicated soap as often as possible. use ‘eryacne’ gel over your pimples twice a day. if all this doesn’t help, go see a dermatologist. also remember that a lot of teenagers break out with skin problems due to hormonal changes, so don’t worry too much.
prize winning question:
how do you complain about restaurant service - do you speak to the waiter or ask for the manager? what present should one give a new college graduate?
ghousia sultana while complaining about restaurant service you should speak to the captain or maitre d’. be polite, but do get the point across. a job would be a great idea!! but jokes apart, think about his or her personality and buy a present that they can use.
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