Laser Acne Treatments

Laser acne treatments first became popular in 2003 after a study showed that cases of mild acne were improved after just one laser treatment. Nowadays, a lot of dermatologists are offering these treatments, such as the smoothbeam laser acne treatment.

Some people have claimed, however, that the laser burnt their face unless they used a special cream beforehand. Others have criticized the treatment because the results were not worth the price. Like most acne treatments, the response is personal and may be wonderful for some, yet ineffective for others. If nothing seems to be going right it may be worth a shot to try, however, be reminded that it may take up to three sessions before any results are evident.

If you are interested in pursuing this type of treatment make sure that your dermatologist has done it before and ask him what the typical results were. If you have not tried other methods of acne treatment, such as a topical benzoyl peroxide cream, you may want to try that for a few months first. Since the laser can be harmful to the skin, those with sensitive skin may have redness for a while. If you do choose to go through with the acne laser treatment, make sure the person performing the treatment knows what they are doing and is fully trained with the machine.