Fairness creams only lighten complexion temporarily

Ramya >Hi Tahira, I fear using sun blocks as they give me rashes and acne. Is that because of the constituency of the product or some other reaction? I need some sun block. What should I do? Tahira Das > Definitely use a sun block or sunscreen as they prevent excess damage to your skin. If a sun block doesn't suit you then you should shift to a product, which is milder, or of a lighter consistency .

Nikhilpath >Which is the best fairness cream available in the market? Tahira Das > Difficult question. As you have to try and see what suits you. You could try milk, it works as well .

Roonie > I wash my face a couple of times during the day, however I still seem to get a lot of pimples and acne. What do you suggest I do? Tahira Das > Don't wash your face more than three times a day. Try using Lifebuoy soap, it works! Top it up with a mild astringent and a gel based moisturiser .

Kolhapurchap > I am a 23 years old guy and want to become very fair. Please suggest a home remedy that is simple too. Tahira Das > Fair skin is not the best skin to have. And you can't change your skin colour because you want to! Fairness creams etc only lighten complexion temporarily. You should rather learn to like what you have and look after it. Home remedies like using milk, by dabbing it with cotton, a multani mitti face pack can help. Use both these remedies separately. And of course you can try fairness creams too .

Heman > I have suddenly developed acne on my face, and my stomach remains upset too. This is not the usual thing, as I have never had acne before. What medication do you suggest? The acne is really bad. Trust me. Tahira Das > You need to try and figure out the real reason why you have acne. It could be stomach related because if your stomach is not good it can send your body into turmoil, which may also result in acne. So, first try and sort out your stomach problem. If the acne persists after that, then it is definitely not related. And both need to be treated separately. I suggest first you see a doctor for your stomach .

Dini1206 > What is the best herbal remedy for acne? Tahira Das > It again depends on what suits your skin. Start with any one treatment. Try it for 2-3 weeks before you discontinue or change because it takes that long to figure out if it is actually suiting you or not. Start with what you have at home. And for me, to say anything without seeing you first is difficult to suggest any product .

Dini1206 > I am 14 years old and have fair skin, but a lot of acne on my cheeks, nose and forehead. I am fair skinned so the acne shows on my face. What do you suggest I should do? Tahira Das > Wash your face twice a day with the old Lifebuoy soap. Use an astringent after that. And you should see the acne drying up within a week to ten days. After that, top up the routine with a gel-based moisturiser. To put it all in a nutshell wash, tone and moisturise twice a day. This will help tackle acne outwardly and at this age acne is very common. It should clear up over a period of time .

Dreams4u > Having enough water is good for health but is excess bad? That's because I have almost 4 to 5 liters in a day. Tahira Das > Water is not harmful but drink as much as your body demands. Don't fill your stomach with water when it wants you to stop. So, stop when you are full .

Shridevi > Can you suggest some good remedy to remove the spots caused due to pimples? Tahira Das > Are these scars or actual pimples? If they are scars, try Vitamin E and if pimples then use a good cleansing regime .

Merope - Hi I have a very sensitive skin. I am photosensitive too. I do use sunscreen of 30. What other measures should I take? Tahira Das > What do you mean by photo sensitive? Are you sensitive to sun rays? Sunscreen with SPF 30 is enough. Apply half an hour before leaving the house and apply generously on exposed areas. Keep touching up after every couple of hours. If you have sensitive skin make sure the formulation of the sunscreen suits your skin type .

Shridevi- Would you give me some tips regarding face packs to make the skin glow and get soften? Tahira Das > You seem to have a sensitive skin. Use glycerin with rose water .

Roonie > Would you be able to suggest some home remedies to counter dandruff? Don't like using the shampoos in the market, as the chemicals hurt my scalp. Tahira Das > If your dandruff is due to dry scalp use oil regularly and try a herbal shampoo like Patalca. It is mild enough to be used regularly. Also, as soon as your hair gets itchy, wash it .

Merope > Tahira what can I do about black heads? Tahira Das > Black heads are caused due to dead skin and enlarged pores. Bacteria develop within this, which causes blackheads. You need to get rid of excess oil. Try using Lifebuoy soap again followed by an astringent and get a gel based facial done regularly .

Mum_hunk >How can I do away with acne and pimples (I am a teenager). Also can you suggest me some tips to keep skin healthy? Tahira Das > Lifebuoy soap to wash face with followed by an astringent. Try clean and clear by J&J and top it with a gel based moisturiser. Don't use cream. Also keep a separate set of face towels, which should be changed after every time you wash your face. Follow the routine twice a day .

Swatirc > Could you suggest a daily routine to keep skin glowing? I have combination skin. Tahira Das > You need to tackle different parts of your face with different products. Use normal products for the areas with normal skin and for the oily bits we need to be more careful and use a gentler formulation .

Menaka >Hello Tahiraji. I have black spot on my cheek. Please tell me some home made remedy so that I can do it myself a home. Tahira Das > If it is a birthmark none of the remedies will help. If it isn't a birthmark, show it to a dermatologist. Home remedies are not the best option for pigments and scarring .

Sign Off Message > Cleanse your face twice a day, every day. If you have sensitive skin use an astringent otherwise a toner and then follow with a moisturiser suited to your skin type. And you will have great looking healthy skin. Don't forget that what you eat, sleep habits and stress levels, all these affect your skin. So be healthy. Fairness is not something to be strived towards. Learn to like yourself. And others will (like you) too. All the best. Thanks for chatting with me. Good Bye!