Ridding Scars

Ridding Scars

  • I know it sounds nuts, but that hiccup trick works for me; where you get a tall cup of water, sit it on the table, and drink from the opposite side of the glass. It may have something to do with the way your air passages are as you drink

  • Also for hiccups, try a spoonful of peanut butter

  • (submitted by visitor) The only real hiccup cure is one that treats the hiccups for what they really are. Hiccups are caused by the diaphragm spasming. Taking in as much air as possible, makes the lungs expand and push down on the diaphragm. This stretches the diaphragm out to it original position and shape. Hold the breath as long as possible, just don't pass out, and let it out. Voila', no more hiccups. It works every time. (submitted by visitor)

  • Nails
  • To help dry nail polish quicker, run your fingers under cold water.

  • I have one more to add to your section for nails. If you keep your nailpolish in the fridge, they stay fresher longer and you can keep them longer. (submitted by laura)

  • Sunburn
  • To help the peeling on your face after a sunburn, mix a tablespoon of sugar with a cleansing get

  • When shaving your bikini line, make sure you lather the area with lots of soap before putting on your shaving cream. Go over each area only once to prevent irritation, and when you are finished put deodorant on the just shaven area (be careful to only get it on the skin). Bumps and irritation will be greatly reduced if not completely gone! (submitted by visitor)

  • Headaches
  • Cut a lime in half and rub over forehead and temples.

  • Hangovers
  • Drink a glass of milk before you go out drinking, and a glass of drink before bed; also eat before you go out.

  • Take 2 advil before going out, 2 before bed.

  • Dark Circles
  • Dark circles under eyes - drink lots of water, sleep on 2 pillows, apply cold compresses.

  • Sleep on several pillows to rid puffy eyes.

  • Acne
  • (submitted by visitor) I get rid of a pimple completely overnight, or about 1 to 2 days, (depending on how severe the blemish). Pop your pimple. by sliding the edge of something, across it, and poping it. Then 1/4 fill your sink with warm water, and pour about a half cup of salt to the water. Take a cotton ball or cotton square or round, and soak it in the salty water for about 30 seconds, moving it around in the water getting it good and salty. Take it out and squeeze out the water. Apply the cotton ball to pimple, and push down. if it doesn't tingle, put more salt on the cotton ball. When it does tingle, push down for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, DO NOT WASH OFF THE SALT THAT STAYS ON YOUR FACE!!! Take Some honey and drop it on a Q-tip. Apply honey to pimple and leave on for 15 mintes.After 15 min is up, rinse off with water. Then apply a dab of toothpaste and leave overnight... That's it!!! Odd i know, but i works!! (submitted by Tiffany R)

  • To zap a zit overnight, apply toothpaste to the area before bed

  • To rid redness from a big pimple, pop 2 advil; it gets rid of the inflammation

  • Also for pimple redness, apply visine eyedrops

  • Take an egg and crack it over the sink and let the white of the egg go into a bowl; use the white to dab on your pimple. Leave on overnight or for 20 minutes. It should help suck out the nasty stuff in that pimple

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