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The TRUE Cause of Your Acne

“To cure your acne it is critical that you understand precisely what’s causing it…"

Discover what's really causing your acne in this groundbreaking special lesson...

(and it’s NOTHING your dermatologist or anyone else has ever told you)...

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If you’re ever going to overcome your acne challenge it is critical that you pay close attention to this lesson…

After reviewing this lesson you will know in detail what no doctor, dermatologist, nor even the countless doctors in the various fields of alternative medicine I've interviewed understand...

You will know EXACTLY what the root cause of your acne is. Which will make it very clear why all the acne treatments you've tried up until now haven't worked. And you’ll have a solid foundation for the lasting solution explained in future lessons…

But before we get to that I’d like to congratulate you for making it this far…

The truth is most people talk, but few actually do the “doing”. The fact that you made it this far means you’ve already separated yourself from 90% of everyone else. 90% quit after the first lesson. And sadly 90% of acne sufferers will never cure their acne.

I commend you for being here now.

Will you make it through this e-tutorial and apply what you learn to enjoy the lasting rewards?

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Anyway, back to business…

The ROOT cause of your acne

No, the root cause of your acne isn't bacteria (if it was then acne would be highly contagious, which it isn't).

The root cause of your acne isn't the wrong diet (if it was then everyone eating the "wrong" diet would suffer from acne).

Nor is your acne caused by many of the common "causes" you may read about on the web.

This mystery your about to discover took literally YEARS of dedicated research and thousands upon thousands of dollars to finally unravel. So lean in close because what your about to discover has the potential to completely change your life…

Are you ready...?

The very ROOT cause of your acne is 2 things and 2 things only...

…Hormonal imbalance combined with a very particular type of congesting toxins that buildup in your blood and lymph fluid.

Let me explain...

Hormones are chemical messengers your body uses to send messages back and forth between organs and cells telling them what to do.

In regards to your acne, androgenic hormones tell your skin's oil glands just how much sebum or skin oil to be "spitting out".

If you get too many of these androgenic hormones floating around then your skin's oil glands go into "overdrive" producing way too much sebum.

But, that's certainly isn't the whole story...

Don't you know people with oily skin yet do NOT have acne?

That's because you won't get acne until you mix excess sebum (skin oil) with a very particular kind of highly congesting blood and lymph fluid toxins.

This mixture of excess skin oil, sebum, and highly congesting blood toxins creates the perfect "breeding environment" in and on your skin for acne bacteria to grow like crazy...causing redness, inflammation, swelling, puss, clogged pores, and finally full blown acne.

You see it's not bacteria that cause acne but the environment that's created in and on your skin that causes the trouble. And no matter how many acne bacteria killing products you try acne bacteria will always return.

The difference between someone
who suffers from acne
and someone who doesn’t

The difference between you and your friend with perfect skin isn't because they eat a different diet, or take different vitamins, or have a different skin care regimen...No it’s nothing like that.

The difference is they are never "overflowing" their system with excess androgenic hormones and a very particular kind of highly congesting blood and lymph fluid toxins.

Their liver is quickly deactivating and clearing from their blood any excess and/or previously "used" androgenic hormones and blood toxins.

They have much stronger liver function in this regard.

Why you suffer from acne
most during puberty

Think about it...

Why do you suffer from acne most during puberty...?

Your liver has only so much capacity to deactivate and clear excess and previously used hormones and blood toxins from your system at any one time.

And while growing up you can weaken your liver in this aspect. Then what happens when you hit puberty?...

A SURGE of androgenic hormones course through your system all at once.

This would be o.k. if your liver function was strong. It would quickly clear excess and previously used hormones from your system...

But if it's not working up to par then it gets overwhelmed...kinda like overflowing a bucket. Once your "liver bucket" overflows your blood becomes loaded with excess and used androgenic hormones and blood toxins causing your skin to breakout like crazy.

Why women suffer from acne most
during their monthly cycle

This is also why women suffer from acne most during their monthly cycle...

During your monthly cycle your body is producing all kinds of extra hormones at this time. Yet your liver still only has so much ability to deactivate and clear any excess and used hormones from your system.

So your cycle roles around and your liver gets flooded with all these extra hormones at one time...

It can't keep up!

The end result is the same...androgenic hormones get out of balance causing the skin's oil glands to produce way too much sebum. And when combined with a very particular type of congesting blood toxins acne flares.

Adult acne...What's going on here?

O.k. then Mr. Smarty Pants...If hormones and these particular blood toxins are causing acne then why do adults get acne?

Good question. Now you're thinking...

The root cause of ALL acne, be it teenage acne, acne that flares during women's monthly cycles, or adult acne are all the same...hormonal imbalance and excess of a particular kind of congesting blood and lymph toxins.

But the major difference with adult acne is that it isn't so much a surge of hormones overwhelming the liver all at once, but more so it's that the liver's ability to deactivate "used" and excess hormones from the blood and purify the blood of toxins becomes severely compromised...or slowed down.

The end result is still the same...the liver gets overwhelmed. Which leads to excess androgenic hormones and congesting blood toxins. Which leads to adult acne.

The little-known first crucial step to
solving your acne problem

So now you know what no dermatologist or doctor knows. Now how do we fix the problem?

Well, the truth is it will take a several key steps to fix the problem completely. And despite what others may tell you, it’s not going to be easy. But the good news is it can be done very effectively IF you know what you’re doing.

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In the next lesson you'll discover the little-known and rarely understood first crucial step to LASTING hormonal balance. Without this first crucial step you have no hope of overcoming your acne. But once you properly apply it you can begin to see results in just a matter of days.