Excoriated Acne May Be The One You Are Suffering From

The literal meaning of 'excoriate' is to scratch the skin. If a person spends hours in front of the mirror, trying to squeeze and nail every blemish, the condition is termed as excoriated acne. It often leads to permanent scarring. It is found more in females than males of all age groups. It generally occurs on the face, chest and back.

1. Keep your hands off the pimples so as to cause minimum damage.
2. Try to keep your skin clean.
Oral Isotretinoin is helpful in curing excoriated acne. Apart from this, the patient may also need to take some antidepressants because to cure it solely, psychological aid is also required. It prevents the patient from squeezing the blemishes further.

There are also other types of mild to moderate acne that can attack you. Although there is not much of hullabaloo attached to these mild forms, timely treatment is always recommended to avoid further complications.