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The little-known and rarely understood
first step to hormonal balance
and LASTING acne-free skin

"I don't care what anybody tells beat your acne challenge you simply MUST bring hormones into balance...

In this lesson you’ll discover the key first step to inducing your body to AUTOMATICALLY balance your hormones…”

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So far you understand that your acne is an important message that something is going very wrong internally. And you now have a solid understanding of just what’s causing all the trouble. Now let’s get down to business “fixing” the problem. Balancing hormones is the first key step to doing that.

I know we covered this a little bit in the last lesson, but I'm going to elaborate more in this lesson.

What the hormones do

First off, your hormones regulate nearly every body function. Everything from sleep cycles, to growth cycles, whether your body builds muscle, whether it breaks it down, whether your body burns fat for energy or stores food as fat.

Needless to say, when your hormones are out of balance it can cause a lot of problems.

So what does this have to do with acne?

Well, hormones are what regulate your skin's oil production. When they get out of balance your skin's oil production goes in to overdrive. When the excess oil is mixed with highly congesting toxins the dreaded acne appears.

However, if your hormones are in balance then your skin's oil production will be balanced as well. You won't suffer from acne, oily skin, or a shiny forehead.

So how do you balance hormones?

Well, I need to cover a little bit about how your body regulates hormones...

How your body regulates hormones

The process works something like an orchestra...

First you have the conductor. He gives directions on what and when to play the music. Then you have the musicians. They play the actual music.

In this analogy, the hormones will be like the musicians...they do the actual work. Then you have the brain and what I call "cellular intelligence"…

What I mean by that is the individual cells know exactly what hormones they need and in what quantities on a micro level. They would be equivalent to the conductor.

But there is one more key factor to consider. This key factor would be equivalent to the "eyes" of the musicians. Without it instructions from the conductor would never get to the musicians and the music would be played all out a tune.

This key factor is called prostaglandins.

Prosta what?

Don't worry about the name. All you need to remember is what they do.

Anyway, these prostaglandins transfer "instructions" from the cells to the hormones. Without them, it is like a conductor trying to lead a blind orchestra.

Just think of them as hormone regulators.

If you don't have enough of the KEY prostaglandins then your hormones get way out of balance. But your body is very efficient at making these hormone regulators if it has enough of a very particular key nutrient.

The first step then to lasting hormonal balance is to ensure your body has enough of this key nutrient and most importantly in the right balance. And from the right sources.

Once you’ve done that your body now has what it needs to naturally produce all the proper hormone regulators (prostaglandins). And as a result your body will naturally begin to produce hormones in balanced amounts automatically.

The hormonal balancing effect is not only vital for beating your acne, but also drastically reducing or eliminating PMS symptoms, reducing body-fat (so commonly caused by excess stress hormones), and maintaining or building lean muscle.

And if you apply this crucial first step with precision the results can be dramatic from just this step alone. Here's a great example...

Comments by Kimberly from Canada after just 3 days on step one...

Unsolicited Testimonial
"only three days..."

So far - only three days - I can already see and feel the difference. First, the skin on my face is not as oily and my ability to heal has increased dramatically. Blemishes that have stayed around for some time already are already peeling and revealing pinker skin - not the dark brown spots they were.

B.C. Canada

How did she do it?

Well first she knew exactly the right "combination" on how to feed the pathways to proper prostaglandin production (don't worry about that big word, you don't have to remember it). And most importantly she knew how to do it in just the right balance with the proper "carriers" to ensure absorption.

If you’re ready (and only if you’re ready) to discover how these kinds of results can be achieved with just a single step checkout the first step of the complete program ...

Lasting hormonal balance...
the critical second step

Is that enough to ensure lasting hormonal balance?

Well, in some cases yes that will do it. But in other causes there is still one more problem that's preventing the body from being able to "get rid of" any excess hormones.

If these excess and “used” hormones aren’t quickly “deactivated” and got rid of from your body no matter what you do your hormones will become chronically imbalanced.

To completely end your acne nightmare you must “fix” this problem as well.