The Perfect Cure For Pimples

It is a myth that pimples affect only teenagers. The fact is pimples can attack anyone at any age. They occur when the follicle opening is blocked, trapping the sebum and swelling it. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

However, you do not have to carry those ugly pimples on your face. There are several treatments available to cure pimples. Here are some of them.
Light Treatment

This treatment for pimples utilizes concentrated blue or red light to irradiate the affected area. The irradiation produces free radicals in porphyrins present in acne-causing bacteria and destroys them. The affected area is treated again with delta-aminolevulinic acid (ALA). This enhances the effect of light treatment. How it works? Well, the ALA raises the levels of porphyrins in bacteria and kills them.

This light treatment is regarded as the best among acne and pimple cures. Its success rate is 75 per cent. It has no side effects and there are hardly any chances for the bacteria to develop resistance. The duration of light treatment is 2-3 months.
Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment

This is an anti-bacterial treatment for pimples and one of the most commonly used pimple treatment by dermatologists all over. Benzoyl peroxide, which is a bacteria killer, is regarded as an excellent over-the-counter product for acne and pimple cure.
Antibiotics Treatment

Dermatologists prescribe certain antibiotics for acne cure. However, you should be prepared for side effects such as dizziness or nausea. Moreover, the prolonged intake of antibiotics may lead to the development of resistance by the bacteria. Antibiotics are effective only for about 3-6 months.
Retinoidal Treatment

Retinoidal treatment is the only treatment for cystic pimples. These are the most severe cases of acne. Retinoids such as adapaline, tretinoin, retinaol, and isotreinoin are used to treat pimples.
Hormonal Treatment

This treatment is usually done on adult female patients. This is because women show better response to hormonal treatment to cure acne and pimples.
Quick Tips To Combat Pimples

Here are some quick tips to help you get rid of pimples fast and safely:

* Pop an aspirin. This mitigates the pain and inflammation of the pimple.

* Use ivory soap to wash your face. Rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid soaps with harsh chemicals because they tend to irritate your skin.

* Refrain from applying any make-up or cream on the area affected by acne and pimples. It worsens the situation.

* If you have to wear make-up, use an oil-free, anti-bacterial concealer, which blends the redness of your pimple into your skin color. Green shades work best to hide the redness.

* Use a facial mud mask. It shrinks the pimples and controls the oiliness.

* Do not touch or rub your face.

* Keep your face clean always. Dirt attracts bacteria.

* Wear sunblock while out in the sun, as pimples are raw skin and prone to sunburn


* Popping a pimple spreads the infections to other areas.

* If you cannot, simply cannot resist the urge to pop a pimple (which is a common dilemma of most victims), then wash your hands first; gently squeeze the top of pimple using a swab of cotton or tissue. Clean the area properly after you are done. If the pus does not come out while squeezing, leave the pimple alone. It is not ready to pop.

* Develop a skin-care routine suited to your skin type and stick to it religiously. Remember; the chief cause of pimples is a combined activity of hormones, shedding of dead cells of skin, and bacteria.

* Be patient with pimples. No matter what you do, they are NOT going to vanish overnight. A blemish may take even a month to disappear completely.

* If the pimple does not heal by itself within a week, consult your dermatologist.

There is no use crying over the matter or sitting in gloom over the pimple problem. You have to do something about it. So, why not start today? You will not get a glowing complexion overnight, but you are surely going to get back your lost confidence. You will feel better and look better too.
Overnight Pimple Remedies

Well, as the name suggests, here are some remedies to cure acne for desperate people who have to attend a wedding or an important meeting, or maybe a date the next day, but are victimized by that big red bump over their face. These remedies do not really promise you an overnight cure; however, they can help a great deal to save your face literally!
# Try one of the pimple creams or lotions available over the counter. Apply them over the affected area and leave it overnight. Then say a little prayer and go to sleep!

# Wash your face with a soap containing Aloe Vera extracts.

# You can also wipe your face with cotton dabbed in apple cider vinegar.

# If that's not available, cleanse your face with cotton dipped in lemon juice. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse. Some of you might feel a burning sensation after applying concentrated lemon juice. If it happens, dilute the juice with a few drops of water.

# If your skin is too sensitive to tolerate lemon juice, then press a wet tea bag on the affected area for 5 minutes. It helps to subside the pimple.

# This may sound ridiculous, but you can also dab some toothpaste on the pimple. It soothes your skin and reduces the redness of the pimples.

# Apply ice pack on the pimple. Hold it for 2 minutes. Repeat this every half an hour. This is very effective in reducing the swelling and redness. It also provides immense relief from the pain and inflammation. It cools and freshens up your face. A regular application of ice pack also tightens the pores, thus, closing the gates for bacteria to enter.

# According to some people, the best overnight pimple remedy is to pop a pimple. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Popping a pimple only worsens it. And you are inviting scars on your face for the rest of your life. Therefore, THE BEST OVERNIGHT REMEDY IS TO LEAVE THE PIMPLE ALONE!

There is no perfect remedy for pimple. Rather, there are loads of remedies for pimples. However, not all remedies suit everyone. Pick the one that works best for you. Keep trying!