Acne Mechanica: A Mild Form Of Acne

Acne Mechanica is the form of acne caused or severed by heat, repetitive friction against the skin, covered skin and excess pressure. For eg.- A violin player may suffer from it on the neck where he/she tucks his/her violin, a child may suffer from it due to constant friction with the strap of the school bag. It normally may effect people of any age who are either excessively exposed to heat and sun and whose skin constantly faces some kind of friction. It can attack any part of the body - face, shoulders, neck, and/or thighs.

1. Wear cotton clothes as they keep you cool even in the hottest of weathers.
2. Avoid covering your head with headbands or caps, for long periods.
3. Shower immediately after athletic or rigorous activities.
4. Avoid repetitive friction against a particular area of skin, if possible.

A topical medication containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide is usually effective in the initial stages. Though this is generally effective, but if it does not show any results, then consult a dermatologist