Ways to Rid Acne

Ways to Rid Acne

Eliminating acne could be a tedious and very challenging task to do. It does not help much that there are too many anti-acne treatments and procedures available. Often, people get more confused when deciding which medications to use. The proliferation and abundance of natural home remedies is also further aggravating the situation. Here are several effective ways to rid acne.

* Bacteria spread should be curtailed and eliminated effectively through avoiding pressing, rubbing or pricking acne spots. Doing so may make the situation worse as small wounds may be produced, and possible infection may follow. In such cases, the formation of Scars is also increased.
* When resorting to use over-the-counter acne treatments, choose those containing benzoyl peroxide as active ingredient. Applying such skin treatments at least twice a day could help remove dead skin cells, oil clogs and bacteria from the skin pores. For a start, begin with low-concentration Products and eventually add to the level of concentration. Products with resorcinol and sulfur could also be effective.
* Wash the face of the infected skin thoroughly and frequently with water and mild soap. Doing so will help take off excessive oil from the skin surface. Do not overdo it, though as you may end up having more damage as the skin may dry out, causing further irritation.
* While recuperating from acne problems, do not use rough sponges, brushes and granulated cleansers especially when putting up makeup. Also prefer to use water-based, instead of oil-based, cosmetics.
* Cease from using oily hair and skin products like pomades, gels and facial moisturizers.
* Contrary to common belief, getting a facial service is not ideal when there is acne. Doing so may do more harm, especially if the procedure will include thorough skin scrubbing.
* Avoid constantly touching the acne spots with your bare hands. You know that hands are carriers of microorganisms and dirt. You may end up transferring such impurities to the acne spots. This will make matters worse, for sure.
* Take at least two showers in a day. It will be advisable if you will take a bath in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. This way, impurities and excess oil in the skin are eliminated.
* Eliminate stress. There are strong evidences to claims that stress is a main culprit for acne formation. Try out de-stressing yourself while recovering from or treating acne. You will surely find that the skin problem may quickly disappear along with stress. Getting plenty and recommended duration of sleep could also be a significant help.
* There are many acne creams available in the market. Past experiments and studies show that acne controls can be possible by choosing and using skin products with resorcinol, salicylic acid and sulfur as main ingredients. Prescription is needed for the safe purchases.
* These are just several of the effective ways to rid acne. home remedies are not yet tackled, but such natural treatments are also deemed very effective. As you aim to work out eliminating acne, set your goals and make your endeavor truly effective. You do not want acne to stay, do you?

It is a fact that acne is one of the most common forms of skin problems prevalent among teens, adults and pregnant women. Many people are bothered when acne spots suddenly form and erupt into the skin, most especially in the face. Acne can be a little painful, can cause discomfort and can be an ugly sight. Worse, if handled inappropriately and left untreated, acne can lead to scars, marks and pigmentations that may eventually be permanently fixed in the skin.

What are natural remedies for acne? These are home remedies and simple ways that have been used for ages to cure, curtail and even prevent formation of the skin problem. You may be surprised to realize that many of home or natural remedies for acne can be conveniently found in the kitchen. Sometimes, you may throw away excess food ingredients, herbs and condiments, not knowing that they could have other uses other than as ingredients for cooking.

Natural remedies for acne can be easily done at home and could not cost much. As mentioned, most remedies are already found in the kitchen or in the fridge. For some time, many people have preferred these remedies over available medications and treatments available commercially in the market. This is because natural remedies of course are cost effective and are free from any form of potential side effects. The ingredients and substances are all natural, organic and are undoubtedly safe for use. Moreover, natural remedies do not require prescription and the instructions and procedures can be easily executed.

What are natural remedies for acne? There are hundreds of them. Here are several of the simplest and most effective remedies that may readily be available and accessible. These are side-effects free and are practically costing less, if not nothing.

* Take orange peel and apply the extract into acne spots.
* Mix cinnamon powder and honey to form a paste. Gently and generously apply this paste into the skin before going to bed; then leave it overnight. Wash it first thing in the morning.
* Boil half a glass of milk and add some fresh lime juice. Cool the solution and apply to the skin. This is best for treating not just acne but also cracked skin and blackheads.
* Apply the paste of ripe tomatoes into the acne spots and keep it there for about an hour before washing out.
* Soak lettuce in water. Wash the face with this water.
* Fresh mint juice applied to the face before going to bed could cure acne in an instant.
* A glass of fresh wheat grass juice for several days could be a good and effortless way to get rid of acne.
* Combine a tablespoon of brown sugar and two tablespoons of white sugar to form a paste. Rub this into the face and leave for a few minutes before washing out.
* Mix a glass of unboiled milk with a gram of flour and use the solution as a daily face or skin wash.