Face care for men

Would you believe that face care for men isn’t a new-fangled fad but something that has been routinely practiced for thousands of years? Facial grooming has been an important part of a men’s daily custom from the Egyptian Pharaohs to Alexander the Great and even during the Roman Empire.

Thankfully, in current times there are far more then simply lip balm and aftershave available; today’s well-groomed man has an enormous range of choices for face care and grooming. Take for instance, oily skin or blocked pores. This is not a problem exclusively a woman’s problem so why should she have all the cures? For those of us who have that problem of oily skin, Cliniqueicon offers a complete line of men’s facial skin care products
highlighted by a moisturizer called Oil Control Hydrator, which is an oil free gel that is applied once in the morning and once before bed to clean exfoliated skin. There are many deep cleaning facial masks on the market today that will guarantee the careful purging of those impurities from your masculine skin and leave it feeling deep clean and smooth to the touch. So many men make the mistake of getting themselves a six pack abdomen and forget about their face care. There is nothing better then the seductive coo of a woman rubbing her cheek to yours when it is soft as a baby’s bottom.

Face care for men should start off with good deep cleansing facial scrubs, which will remove that dead skin and clean out those pores. If you wet shave then use a shaving cream that has both vitamins and Aloe Vera if possible so that the cream hydrates your skin for a smooth soothing shave. A man’s leathery skin is much thicker then his female counterparts and it requires special handling, especially after a shave when it can become irritated quite easily and need a soothing, cooling touch. Follow your smooth shave up with a moisturizer. You will be protecting the facial skin and keeping it smooth and soft. Moisturizer is one for the basic needs of your skin to push back the signs of aging. Though men tend to show aging in their faces much later then women it is a fact that when the wrinkles appear it is a dramatic and sudden change. A pound of prevention, as they say is far better then ten pounds of cure.

Lancome has a delightful range of men’s face care products with reasonable pricing.� The Lancome Homme ultra soothing after-shave balm is a favorite of many well-groomed men. Check out the gift packs that are sometimes offered at unbelievable discount prices. This is a wonderful way to try out several products by a single manufacturer before committing yourself to the full price of a costly yet well needed men’s facial skin care regime. The name Clarinsicon is one and the same with being one of the most excellent suppliers of skin care products so it’s no bolt from the blue that Clarins also have an exclusive men’s face care line. Clarins offers non-oily moisture balm and gel products for soothing the skin after shaving and also keeping the grime out of your pores during the lengthy workday. Do you hate those stress lines? Clarins even produces a cream gel that will aid reducing the appearance of those lines we all dread.