How to Erase a Acne Scar

Do you have pimple scars on your face or body that don't want to go away? Follow these five simple steps and eliminate scars forever.

Leave your pimples alone. Do not pop a pimple or scratch it, this will cause the scars. Instead, leave them alone, and you will reduce scarring to your face.

Keep your face clean. Wash your face with a facewash twice a day and apply moisturizer.

Wash your face with a facewash or scrub, at night with warm water, then splash with cold water to close your pores.

Pour a small amount of tissue oil (try using one with natural ingredients in it) on a piece of cotton wool. (You can also put the tissue oil on your hands, but make sure they are clean.)

Apply the tissue oil to your face, applying it equally to each part of your face.Massage it in for 5 minutes, and then leave it until you go to bed.

Before getting into bed, take a tissue, and dab your face to remove the oil


It is best to apply tissue oil every night, for about two weeks. If your scars are not fading, apply it until you see a change.

If you are applying tissue oil on your face, use a headband to prevent oil from getting into your hair.
Tissue oil is not the only thing that removes scars; other creams and moisturizers are available. Use what suits you