Treating an Infected Pimple

There are many specific tips and rules on the method of treating an infected pimple. It is advisable to stick to these rules if you want to effectively deal with pimples. Pimples often lead to infection. There are ways to counter this distressing and unpleasant experience.

An infected pimple should not be squeezed or poked, as it may cause the infection to spread. Have some patience. Pimples take some time to heal completely. If you do need to pop it, then do so with the help of a sterilized needle. Prior to this, a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water should be used to wrap the infected area for sometime. It brings the pimple to a head thereby and makes popping easy.

Benzoil peroxide based products are effective for the treatment of infection. This type of treatment is always preferable to squeezing. The first thing to do is to sufficiently dry the infected region. Then apply the product on the affected areas. Regular use of these medications can successfully deal with the problem of infection.

Dermatologists usually prescribe cortisone injection in case of infections. After being administered, it can vastly reduce the swollenness and the redness within a few hours. If the level of infection is medium to severe, then it is time to use antibiotics. It is a tested and proven formula.

Infected pimples are basically a result of bacteria and dead skin cells. You can rid your face of bacteria and the dead skin cells by keeping your face sufficiently clean. When you do so, the chances of pimple growth are considerably reduced. Keep the area around the infection dry, as this does not provide a breeding ground for pimples.

You should also keep a close watch on your food habits. Fatty and greasy food aggravates the infection problem. Intake of water should be increased. It can help the process of healing from inside by purging the system of toxic elements.