Skin Protection

The sun, is the environmental factor that is most harmful to the health and appearance of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight can cause permanent damage to the skin. It can cause the skin to sag, lose elasticity and form wrinkles. Severe sunburn can even cause skin cancer.

Sunscreen and foundation protects the skin against the damaging ultraviolet rays. It also shields your face from direct contact with dirt or pollutants in the air and helps the skin against loosing its necessary moisture.

Sunscreen's come in lotions and creams. A sunscreen with the sun protection factor (SPF) of number 10 can block most of the sun's ultraviolet radiations before it can damage the skin. The SPF number indicates the length of time, the product will protect the skin. Sunscreen's should be applied at least 10 minutes before you go out in the sun.